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Carrier Furnaces in London, Ontario

Canadian Comfort Heating and Cooling Systems is your best source for reliable Carrier furnaces in London, Ontario. We are committed to providing the best overall service to our valued clients for all your heating and cooling needs. As a Carrier Authorized supplier, we provide quality Carrier furnace products for new installations and furnace replacements. Carrier has a solid reputation that extends for more than 100 years, and all models are sold with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. When you need a new heating system for your London area home, consider some of these exceptional options from Carrier.

Carrier FurnacesCarrier Base Series

If you are looking for an affordable new furnace for your home that is designed with reliability and quality in mind, the Carrier Base furnace series may be ideal for you. There are two options available in this series, and both are designed to be energy efficient to help you save money throughout the cold months of the year. They also come with a pilot-free PowerHeat ignition feature for your convenience and safety. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you to learn more about this option to determine if it is right for you.

Base™ 80 Gas Furnace

Base™ 90 Gas Furnace


Carrier FurnacesCarrier Comfort Series

The Comfort series of Carrier furnaces is a step above the Base series. This product line features three unique furnace models that all have the same basic features that you will find in the Base models from Carrier. They also have ComfortFan technology and an innovative Quietech noise reduction feature to improve your heating experience. Altogether, you will love the ambiance in your home when you invest in one of these top models.

Comfort™ 80 Gas Furnace

Comfort™ 92 Gas Furnace

Comfort™ 95 Gas Furnace


Carrier FurnacesCarrier Infinity Series

There are five furnace models to choose from in the elite Carrier Infinity series. These models include all the same features that you will find in the Comfort series from Carrier, and they also come with Comfort Heat technology, communication intelligence technology, and the Ideal Humidity System to maximize the comfort level of in your home. Some of the models in this series also have additional enhanced features for your benefit.

Infinity 80 Gas Furnace

Infinity 96 Gas Furnace

Infinity 96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace

Infinity 98 Modulating Gas Furnace with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace


Carrier Furnaces

Carrier Performance Series

When you are shopping for a new furnace with the latest technology and innovations, the Performance furnace series is an option that will not disappoint you. There are eight incredible furnace models to choose from, and each has unique features that are designed to benefit your home in different ways. For example, the Boost models have an enhanced blower motor that promotes energy efficiency throughout the year. Our team can help you to determine which of these models is best for your needs.

Performance 80 Gas Furnace

Performance 93 Gas Furnace

Performance™ 95 Gas Furnace

Performance™ 96 Gas Furnace

Performance™ Boost 80 Gas Furnace

Performance™ Boost 90 Gas Furnace

Performance™ Series Boost Gas Furnace

Performance™ Series Two-Stage Gas Furnace


If you are shopping for a new furnace, contact Canadian Comfort Heating and Cooling Systems. We have 24 years of experience with Carrier furnace and we can help you select the right model for your home and budget. For a free in-home estimate contact us today at 519 686 1587.