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Advantages to Ductless Air Systems: What to Know

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed when using ductless air systems. Many experts consider them the “future of air conditioning.” Let’s take a look at some of those advantages below. No bugs or rodents Nobody wants rats or mice in their house, yet they invite them with air ducts. This puts children, infants, and …Read More

How Do Hybrid Heating Systems Work

How They Work A hybrid heating system heats and cools your home using the combination of a heat pump with a natural gas or propane furnace. Hybrid heating systems, also known as “dual fuel heating,” are popular because they improve the performance of the the heat pump you use and consume less energy. The kind …Read More

Facts to Know About Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats work similarly to the older manual models. The internal microchip determines the current indoor temperature, then controls the heating and cooling system to adjust to your desired temperature. It does this by sending start or stop signals to your HVAC system to keep the indoor temperature regulated. Automatically keeping your home comfortable while …Read More

Cleaner HVAC Coils Make All The Difference To a Healthier Home

Most people who have an HVAC service plan may assume that coil cleaning comes with the yearly maintenance. It may not always be the case. Homeowners should always ask about their coil cleaning if they are not sure. Unclean coils can cause a lot of problems and should not be ignored. Types of Cleaning Coils …Read More

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Condition

Is your air conditioner making ominous noises? Or, perhaps it sounds fine but isn’t cooling? Although there may be several factors why your air conditioning system may need to be checked by a certified technician, there are a few reasons that are fairly common. Here are common air conditioning problems that may cause your A/C …Read More

Strange Air Conditioner Noises May Mean Trouble

No matter what the age of your air conditioning system, problems can develop at any time. Your unit, if operating normally, should be fairly quiet and not have distracting and strange noises occurring as it functions. You can identify the sound the system is making and determine if you need professional action. Here is a …Read More

Why You Should Invest In An Air Conditioner Today, If You Haven’t Already Done So

THE INSTALLATION One of the biggest benefits of an air conditioner is that there isn’t any duct work to worry about. If you have an outdoor condenser, the unit can be 100 feet away. The maintenance is also easy to handle. All you have to do is clean out the filter once a month. If …Read More

How Does Heating and Cooling System Work

There are a myriad of reasons why you should take the initiative to ensure that you are positioning yourself in the best spot to not only retain your property’s current value, but also of potentially increasing its worth in the future. What are some ways you can be assured of that you are placing yourself …Read More