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Strange Air Conditioner Noises May Mean Trouble

Strange Air Conditioner Noises May Mean Trouble

No matter what the age of your air conditioning system, problems can develop at any time. Your unit, if operating normally, should be fairly quiet and not have distracting and strange noises occurring as it functions. You can identify the sound the system is making and determine if you need professional action. Here is a list of some of the sounds you might hear that might require air conditioning repair in London.

Screeching and Squealing

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These types of noises can mean that the blower motor on your air conditioner is having an issue. It can also mean you have a bad belt or it might mean you have a motor bearing problem. Don’t wait until the belt breaks as your blower can no longer function. This noise might be a lack of lubrication. Check if the unit has a port for adding oil or lubricant.

Banging, Pounding or Rattling

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These sounds usually mean you have an issue with the motor or blower assembly. Rattling can mean you have a component that is just coming loose. You should call a repair company as you want to get the part fixed before it breaks or becomes disconnected. For loud banging, shut the unit off immediately. This means that something has come loose or disconnected. Shut the system off to prevent further damage. Sometime, a motor mount can become loose or a blower can get out of proper alignment. Rattling is usually the noise you will hear if this is the case. You should have a repair company inspect the unit. If the outside compressor is rattling, it may be loose hardware or a failing motor. A loud rattle may mean the problem is serious.


Strange Air Conditioner Noises May Mean Trouble

This is a rapid sound that occurs when the blower is on and may mean something is stuck in the blades. If you have ever heard the sounds of playing cards in the spokes of a bike, this sound is similar. There could be debris inside the housing that is making contact with the blower. If you do hear this sound, this is not a critical, however if it is not resolved, it may cause the motor to wear out more quickly.


It is normal to hear clicking when you turn on and off your AC unit. However, if you hear it repeatedly from the outside compressor or the control panel, you may have a defective relay. Another cause of repeated clicking may be due to the timeout or fail of an electric control.

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Listen to your AC unit and try to understand what it is telling you. Consider calling experienced professionals like Canadian Comfort Heating and Cooling Systems in London, ON. Call them for any of your heating or AC concerns at 519-686-1587.