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Advantages Heat Pumps Have Over Standard Heating and Cooling Systems

What Is a Heat Pump?

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A heat pump is a new type of appliance that heats and cools a home by moving warm or cold air as needed. During the summertime, a heat pump sucks warm air inside the home and exhausts it outside. This cools the home without the need for an air conditioning unit. In the wintertime, the reverse effect is performed. Heat is pulled from the outside air and is brought inside to warm the household. Even if the outside air is cold, there is enough stored heat captured by the heat pump to create a warming effect.

The Different Kinds of Heat Pumps

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There are two main types of heat pump systems. The first kind of heat pump is known as the “open air system.” This simply transfers warmth to other areas to cool an area or heat a room. An open air heat pump often has an outdoor component enclosed in a closet near the building wall. The outdoor component and the indoor component of the pump are connected together using electrical cables and refrigerant lines. This allows warm air to travel to and from the home as needed. It also provides power to the parts of the heat pump needed to activate the compressors and blowers.

The second kind of heat pump is the “geothermal” type. Unlike open air heat pumps, which take in heat from the outside air or exhaust warm air to the outside, a geothermal heat pump absorbs or exhausts warmth from the ground or water.

The ground (especially deep underground soil) maintains a very constant temperature throughout the year. The same is true of water on the surface. The deeper you go into a lake, the more stable the temperature of the water. A geothermal heat pump takes advantage of the stability in temperature of the ground or water around your home. Heat is brought from those places to heat the home during cold weather. When it is hot inside, the internal heat is simply transferred to the ground or into the bottom of the water.

Some Benefits of a Heat Pump System

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When cooling a home, heat pumps are much more cost effective than standard air conditioning units. They are also more useful than a furnace for heating a home. The greater effectiveness translates into energy savings. With reduced utility costs, a heat pump could actually pay for itself in a couple of years. Many heat pumps also qualify for tax incentives and rebates, and do not use fossil fuels. They are cleaner than a furnace and produce no exhaust. Quieter operation and a long lifespan are other benefits enjoyed by heat pump owners.

Heat Pump Servicing and Installation in Ontario

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A qualified company should be able to help choose the best heat pump for your home, and determine how big a system you need for optimal heating and cooling. Once you’ve made a choice, that equipment should be installed by a professional. We are an HVAC contractor with over 24 years of experience in serving homes in the London, Ontario area. Call us at 519-686-1587 to set up an appointment to have a heat pump repaired, replaced or installed in your home.